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In-Depth Recorded Portfolio Review (Up to 30 Images)


Image of In-Depth Recorded Portfolio Review (Up to 30 Images)

Your portfolio review can include up to 30 images of your choosing, which will be delivered to me via a DropBox I will setup for you. Images are to be delivered AT A MINIMUM OF 3000 PIXELS ON THE LONG SIDE.

Your portfolio review will be recorded for you via screen share software, and I will give a 2-4 minute professional critique of each image you include. I will provide an analysis on lighting, composition, posing, and post process technique of each image. If requested, I will provide you my thoughts on your overall strongest images, and overall weakest images.

Your final video of your portfolio critique will be delivered via DropBox for you to download. Please allow up to 2 weeks from the date of your image submission to delivery of final video critique.

Portfolio reviews are a GREAT way to elevate your craft, and ultimately helps you become aware of areas in your skill set that could potentially use improvement.